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What is Space Dragon Lottery?

Look no further than the Space Dragon Lottery at Casino Rocket!

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Come in, take your seat and choose one (or all) of the special Space shots!

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Mid-week Mystique

A Cannister of 25 Free Spins Hits the Hull of Your Ship

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Planetary Booster

Choose a Planet to receive our Astronomical Free Spins!

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Thursday Takeaway

20% up to $35 reload bonus

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Interstellar bonuses, insane collaborations
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Casino Bonus

At Casino Rocket, we value our players. You only have to look at our industry-leading casino bonuses to see that this is indeed the case. We have a wide range of exciting bonus offers and promos and have something for everyone.

If you are a casino enthusiast looking to reach distant galaxies starting with that very first deposit, we have got you covered. We have an excellent first deposit bonus that will put your spacecraft into warp drive as soon as you start playing with us.

Players who are after having a self-sustaining adventure are also welcome at Casino Rocket. We have various bonus offers beyond the first deposit one. We created these promos to reward our players even after they use up the propulsion from the first deposit promo.

We particularly value our pokies players. As you know, we have the best selection of pokies in the online casino universe and never stop improving it. We complement those games with the best collection of pokies bonuses that you can find online. We have everything from free spins to super-lucrative pokies bonus rounds. They are here so that we can reward our space pioneers and help them in their winning voyage.

Loyalty is a trait that only the best space explorers exhibit and at Casino Rocket we hold it in the highest of regards. Our jet-fueled Loyalty Program rewards the most devoted casino astronauts and repays them for their trust.

Let's look at the most popular online casino bonuses. We will explain how all of these casino promos work and will show you how you can profit from them. Each of these bonuses presents a unique opportunity to get some free funds to play with, so you shouldn't miss out on them.

Casino Rocket Welcome Bonus

At Casino Rocket, the welcome bonus is not the only thing that you receive once you get your first deposit done. In fact, we always want to keep you cheered up, and therefore, our welcome package will cover a number of deposits.

There are various types of welcome promos out there. Most casinos opt for the deposit match bonus. However, at Casino Rocket, we always have special attention to have more. That way, we can boost your gaming experience with a top-notch company.

However, this doesn't mean that we only have a big amount of money in offer. In addition to hefty rewards we have on the offer, we will have some free spins that will help you to play your favourite pokies. Thus, you can warm up easily without spending any single penny and start kicking the game!

First Deposit Bonus Offers

You get your first deposit bonus upon your very first deposit. Once you make your deposit and fasten your seatbelts, you will embark on a unique journey with Casino Rocket.

Welcome bonuses are usually the most rewarding promos that casinos have, and that is also the case here. The Casino Rocket first deposit bonus is the best in the industry and rewards you right from the start of your cosmic adventure.

Second Deposit Bonus

This is by far the most common type of reload bonus. It stipulates that you will get a match bonus the second time you make a deposit. This means that if you have used up the welcome promo, you should set your sights on getting the second deposit bonus.

To activate this reload bonus, you need to make a qualifying deposit first. Most of the time, this means that your second deposit shouldn't be lower than a certain minimum deposit amount. This can be $20, $30, or any other minimum amount that is written in the bonus terms and conditions.

As soon as you have made your qualifying deposit, you will get your second deposit bonus offer. As with the first deposit bonus, you will likely get a combination of a match bonus and some number of free spins. For instance, this bonus offer can say that you will get a 50% bonus up to $1,000 and 50 free spins when you make your second deposit.

As you can imagine, the second deposit bonus offer at Casino Rocket is head and shoulders above any other reload casino bonus in Australia. It rewards those of you who are ready to take the next step in their cosmic adventure and rewards them quite handsomely at that.

Match Deposit Bonus & Free Spins

As we do have in the offer, mostly casinos spice up a match bonus by giving you some free spins too. These free spins can usually be redeemed only on select pokies, but are still great additions to the original welcome bonus.

For instance, when new players make their first deposit, a casino might give them 50 free spins on as part of the promotional offer. New players will have a limited period to use these 50 free spins, and that period will vary between a couple of days and a month.

We are proud to inform you that we have scanned the entire Aussie casino landscape, and we are pretty sure that we have the best and most complete welcome bonus package in Australia.

We strongly recommend that you sign up with us and try our new customer bonus as soon as possible. We guarantee that you won't regret your decision and that our bonus package will take you "Where no man has gone before."

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are also an integral part of a quality online casino. They reward your continued trust and give you bonus money and free spins on your second, third, and subsequent deposits. This means that you get the same perks that you got as a new player but on each of your next deposits. This is pretty great, right?

At Casino Rocket, we have the best reload bonus packages you will find in an Australian online casino. All you need to do is make a deposit, and Casino Rocket will be there to make your next bet as enticing as possible.

Weekend Reload Bonus

There are other types of reload bonuses in addition to the standard second deposit one. The weekend reload bonus is one such promo. Top online casinos such as yours truly here have various reload promos, and our weekend reload bonus is a nice way to add some extra bonus fuel to your jets.

They are often available to players who have already used the welcome bonus. As such, their role is to give players an added incentive to continue playing and to help them with their gambling bankroll.

However, you should know that you can use most reload bonuses on pokies only. Live casino games usually don't qualify towards meeting the wagering requirements of reload bonuses.

Moreover, you have to check which pokies contribute towards meeting the playthrough of a bonus. Not all pokies contribute equally, and some don't contribute at all towards meeting bonus wagering requirements. Therefore, always check the terms and conditions of a bonus offer before you start playing.

Free Spins at Casino Rocket

Free spins are another way that we reward our new players and loyal space voyagers. At Casino Rocket, you will find the largest selection of bonuses, and most of them come loaded with free spins.

Whether you are activating our welcome bonus or opting in for some of our reload bonuses, you will get some free spins courtesy of Casino Rocket.

But what are free spins? Well, free spins are quite easy to understand. They are spins of the reels that you don't pay for. If a casino gives you 50 free spins, for instance, you get 50 free spins of the pokies' reels for free.

When the reels start spinning and then stop, that's one spin. With 50 free spins, you get 50 of those starts and stops of the reel that you don't have to pay for.

But that's not all. The great thing about our free spins is that you spin our pokies' reels for free, but if you win, we pay you out in real money as long as you meet the wagering requirements. This means that you are trading free spins for real money winnings. Isn't that great?

Loyalty Programs

The Casino Rocket loyalty program is the heart and soul of our spaceship. You join our space loyalty program as soon as you open an account with us. This means that you instantly become part of the space crew and we will reward you every time you play at Casino Rocket.

So how does our loyalty program work? Once again, it's pretty simple. For each game you play at Casino Rocket, you earn points. The more you play, the more points you earn. And this is where it gets interesting.

At Casino Rocket, we have several loyalty tiers. If you earn enough points, you go up these loyalty tiers. As you progress through the tiers, the rewards we give you become better and better.

If you take your space training super-seriously and play at our casino, we guarantee that you will climb up the levels in no time and will unlock special rewards and unique prizes. When your casino mastery reaches expert levels, you will get the ultimate Casino Rocket reward - you will become a VIP supreme space commander. Quite the title, right?

VIP Club

The VIP level is the highest level on the loyalty ladder. You need to pay quite a lot to get there, but when you do, you will see that all that time and effort you put in to get there was worth it.

Our VIP club offers tons of perks that regular players don't have access to. These include privileges such as having your own VIP manager, getting higher and better bonuses, as well as more free spins.

Moreover, we often surprise our VIP players with cool rewards out of the blue and offer special tailor-made VIP promotions. A VIP supreme space commander needs to play with only the best casino bonuses, and, at Casino Rocket, we offer nothing but the best.

Australian Casino Cashback

A cashback promo is a refund that you get for the money you have lost while playing. For instance, if you play with a 10% cashback, you will get 10% of your losses back. This means that if your losses for the cashback period amount to $100, you will get a $10 cashback when that period ends.

You should know that there are different types of cashback. There are cashback promos that apply to only one game, to games from some providers, or to all games a casino has.

For instance, let's say that you play with a 20% cashback on the game Sun of Egypt. This means that after you finish playing that specific game, you will get 20% of the losses you accrued playing on the pokie back.

Players can also get cashback bonuses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For example, let's say you play with a 5% daily cashback. This means that you can play any game you want (or the games specified in the offer), and at the end of the day, you will get 5% of your total daily losses back.

As you can see, cashback offers can vary quite a lot and in some situations are even different from one game to another. That's why you should make it a habit to read bonus terms and conditions very carefully before you go for one.

Live Casino Bonuses

You get live casino bonuses when you play live casino games. This means that if you are a blackjack, roulette or poker enthusiast, these are the bonus proposals you should be looking for.

On instance in which you can get live casino bonuses is when you first start playing at the live casino section. These casino bonus packages are similar to welcome bonuses. This means that you will get the bonus money when you first join the live casino section and start playing there. Most of these live casino bonuses are match deposit bonus packages, and that means that you get a bonus amount that matches your deposit. 

In addition to these live casino bonuses, you can get live casino promos when you play an individual live dealer game too. You qualify for these bonus options when you play games such as blackjack or roulette and meet some predetermined requirements. The promos that you can get include perks such as bonus points, bonus rewards, cashback, and so on.

At Casino Rocket, you will find the best live casino games that an Aussie online casino has to offer. Moreover, we boast the largest selection of live dealer games from the most popular providers. 

We have the best live casino games that you can find online. These come courtesy of renowned game providers such as Vivo Gaming. They are the most popular ones in the world games and should be your first choice when looking for an inter-galactic live casino experience. 

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Bonuses

You can find a variety of daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses at Casino Rocket. These range from various free spins promos to easy-to-activate match deposit bonus offers. As the names imply, you get these promotions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They reward you for playing with us and are always there when you need them.

The Halley's comet may be the most famous periodic comet out there, but it only reappears once every 75 years. That's not the case with Casino Rocket's daily and weekly promos. These bonus comets travel at the speed of light and return to Earth as frequently as you want them to.

You can activate our periodic bonuses at the same launch intervals every week. As soon as you do that, we will give you your free spins and other bonus perks.

Lastly, you may be able to see Halley's comet once or twice in your lifetime, but you'll see Casino Rocket's bonuses every time you visit us!

Tournament Bonus Rewards

If you are looking for a top-notch inter-galactic tournament with excellent bonus rewards, you came to the right place. Our tournament has the best rewards for the most skilled in our rocket crew, and if you think that you can be one of them, we are delighted to welcome you aboard.

The Casino Rocket tournaments are excellent opportunities to showcase your pokies skills and compete against other space casino enthusiasts. And what's your incentive for doing all of this?

We are glad you asked. First of all, our tournament prize pool is among the most competitive in the industry. It rewards the best rocketeers with enticing prizes that they cannot find at any other online casino in Australia.

Secondly, while you play to win tournament points, you also play some of the most popular pokies in our gravity-defying casino. These are pokies that you would have played anyway, so why not earn some extra points and rewards while doing so.

And that's not all. In our super-popular space tournament, you collect your points and rewards instantly, the minimum bets are as low as you want them to be, and opting in for the tournament is extremely easy.

We invite you to accept the challenge and to start competing against others right now. If you get to the top of our tournament leaderboard, we give you our galactic pledge that you will get the best bonus rewards in the Milky Way and beyond.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

No deposit casino bonuses are arguably the best types of bonuses out there. They stipulate that you can play for free, without making a deposit, and then keep your winnings.

This means that you can open an account, opt-in for the no deposit casino bonus, and then start playing. All winnings that you make will be credited to your account either as bonus money, bonus credits, or real winnings that you can withdraw instantly.

However, you have to know that these no deposit bonuses come with wagering requirements most of the time. This means that you first have to meet the playthrough a bonus comes with, and then you can withdraw your winnings.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

If you want to get bonus rewards while playing on the go, our mobile casino bonuses should be your first port of call. There are various mobile bonuses available at Casino Rocket. They can reward you at the start of your space voyage, as well as at every refuel you make.

However, we strongly recommend that you use the Casino Rocket to opt-in for our mobile casino bonus rewards as that way you can make the most of our promos. You can access our casino from both iOS and Android devices, meaning that we can be your companion on the go, all the time.

Mobile First Deposit Bonuses

Casino Rocket players can activate our welcome offer via either a desktop browser or a mobile device. This means that our first deposit bonus is available to both stationary astronauts and wandering cosmonauts that are glued to their mobile devices.

To activate the Casino Rocket welcome offer, you need to follow the same steps as when activating the bonus via the website. You need to sign up with Casino Rocket and make your first deposit using your mobile device. As soon as you do that, you will get your welcome bonus package, and your mobile Casino Rocket adventure will be ready for lift-off.

Mobile Reload Bonuses

There's nothing better than reloading your casino account via your mobile device and finding out that the casino has given you a reload bonus match. That's exactly what will happen when you wager at Casino Rocket.

Even after you have used up your welcome bonus, Casino Rocket will pour some extra fuel in your space canisters. Our mobile reloads reward you on your subsequent deposits, and they never stop giving.

All you have to do to get them is opt-in for our mobile reload bonus package, make a deposit, and you can start playing with some extra boost.

Mobile Free Spins Bonuses

If you are looking for the best mobile free spins bonus, dock your spaceship in our space station and start spinning. At Casino Rocket, we have tons of free spins bonus rewards that are waiting for you to claim them. Just opt-in for any of these free spins offers via a mobile device, and you'll be all set.

Bonus Code

A bonus code is a string of letters and numbers that you need to enter to activate a bonus. There are lots of bonuses that come with a code, but there are also quite a lot of promos that don't require that you enter a promo code to activate them.

To check whether a bonus needs a code to be claimed or not, we invite you to read the terms and conditions of the bonus. If that's too much trouble, you can try to activate a bonus and then see whether it requires a bonus code or not. You may sometimes even see the bonus code in the bonus activation window itself.

You enter the bonus code right before you trigger the bonus. Let's say that you want to activate a Casino Rocket welcome bonus that comes with a bonus code. To set your cosmic adventure in motion, you first must enter the bonus code. Once you do that, we will unlock all the perks of our welcome bonus, and you'll start your space odyssey.

Bonus codes are a nice feature when we, casinos, want to reward our VIP players. We can give some benefits to our high-value players by providing them with a unique code that they need to enter to get a tailor-made bonus reward. For instance, we can say that all VIP players can get 50 free spins every Monday if they enter the bonus code we give them. From our side, it will allow us to differentiate between our VIP players and all others.

Wagering Requirements

Like them or hate them, wagering requirements are essential components of every bonus. You will rarely find a bonus that comes without playthrough, and if you do find one, it won't be as rewarding as a bonus that comes with wagering requirements.

But what are wagering requirements and how do they work? Wagering requirements tell you how many times you have to play through a bonus (hence the name playthrough) before you can withdraw your winnings. For instance, if a bonus comes with a 45x wagering requirement, this means that you have to bet 45x times the amount of your bonus before you can withdraw your winnings.

As you can see, wagering requirements are quite simple. However, there are still some things that you have to be aware of. The first one is that different games contribute differently towards meeting the wagering requirement of a bonus. 

Pokies, for example, usually contribute 100% towards meeting a bonus' playthrough. This means that $100 wagered on a pokie is $100 that goes towards meeting your bonus' wagering requirement.

Live casino games, on the other hand, usually contribute much less. A live blackjack game sometimes contributes as little as 5% towards meeting playthrough. Playing $100 on that game will only add $5 to your bonus wagering tally.

Different Types of Wagering Requirements

Another thing that you have to be aware of is whether you have to wager only the bonus amount or both the deposit and bonus. This is because there are two types of playthrough that bonuses come with:

  • Bonus playthrough
  • Deposit and bonus playthrough

It's much better if you only have to meet a bonus wagering requirement. A deposit plus bonus playthrough complicates things slightly as most of the time you will have to spend more to unlock the bonus. 

For instance, if you try to meet a 20x bonus-only playthrough of a 100% match bonus with an $10 deposit, you would have to wager a minimum of $200 (20x$10 bonus).

On the other hand, if you want to meet the playthrough of the same bonus, but have to wager both the deposit and bonus amounts, you would have to bet a minimum of $400 to meet the 20x wagering requirement (20x($10 deposit + $10 bonus).


There are tons of casino bonuses out there, but none of them is as enticing as the offers that you can find at Casino Rocket. Our casino boasts the largest and most enticing collection of casino bonuses in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond.

The only thing that you, our brave casino astronaut, need to do is dock your rocket ship in our space station and leave the rest to us. We will give you the most lucrative first deposit bonus, the best reload offers and the largest number of free spins in our corner of the universe.

If you like what you see and get, and we are sure you will, we will induct you in our VIP Program asap and will make you the captain of our spacecraft. So come aboard and let's get this cosmic casino adventure started!

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